Ground & Sound

Ground & Sound

Apr 14 , 2022

The Wellness Philosophy

A series of collaborative workshops combining Restorative Yoga, grounding massage, and the re-balancing sounds of the Gong.

Ground & Sound is a unique collaborative workshop that combines the practice of Restorative Yoga with integrated holistic massage, followed by the healing sounds of a gong bath.

In these workshops, Rachel will be leading you through the Restorative Yoga, which is a style of practice that uses props to support the body in various (mostly supine) postures, and these postures are held for longer periods of time than you would find in other styles of yoga, anywhere between 5-20 minute for each pose. The supported nature of the practice is it's distinguishing factor, and this support invites a calming of the nervous system and a fullness and ease of breath.

As you rest in each pose, holistic therapist Michelle will visit each of you individually and (working over your clothes) will use a combination of Swedish and Indian Head massage techniques to encourage a deep release of tension and further the relaxation response. The use of touch also promotes a sense of grounding, helping the body to rest back and connect with the earth. 

After a short comfort break, Karen (Cool and the Gong), will then prepare you to receive the vibrations of the gong. An then simply lie down, get snug, and allow the sounds to wash over you...

A gong bath is the gradual introduction of sound waves into the mind and body. The calming resonant notes will lull you into a state of deep relaxation.
The vibrations of the gong will be absorbed throughout the entire body which can help shift stagnant energies. Other sound healing tools may be used such as singing bowls, chimes to create a diverse soundscape. These sound healing tools have been used for thousands of years. The best way to understand it is to experience it.  

This will all be finished off with Neals Yard herbal teas and some healthy sweet treats. 


Upcoming Workshop Dates

Ground & Sound Friday 20th May 2022 7-9.30pm (find ticket link here)

Ground & Sound Friday 30th September 2022 7-9.30pm (find ticket link here)