Meet Michelle & Rachel, co-founders of The Wellness Philosophy.

Michelle is an experienced massage therapist and Reiki practitioner, Mum to two teenage boys, and a dedicated advocate of good mental health. She has a love for the natural world, beautiful scenery and a travelling adventure - especially when it involves camping! Michelle loves to spend time with her friends, either on a long walk, or letting her hair down with a drink and a dance. For some downtime you'll find her in the bath with a pot of tea listening to music, or swinging in her hammock with a good book. Her boys and her family are her everything.

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Michelle has suffered with anxiety since her very early years and was hit with depression as a young teen, both have stayed with her on and off for most of her life. Over time she has found various ways to manage these conditions but, after finally starting to feel on top of her depression in her early thirties, she lost her beloved Dad and grief took over. This was the catalyst for Michelle to take a pause in life, dig deep and really put her self-care to the fore. Using a combination of alternative therapies, yoga, exercise, talking therapy and spiritual growth, Michelle navigates through life by finding the balance that she needs to feel well and thrive. Aware that change is often round the corner, she is always reflective and open to new experiences to help her along the way on her wellness journey.


Rachel is a passionate yoga teacher, amateur plant-based foodie, and new mum to baby Flo. She has also recently returned to her studies and is in the midst of a part-time MA in The Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at SOAS university, London. Lazy Sunday mornings with coffee in bed is her idea of heaven, but she is also quite partial to a Saturday afternoon drinking rose!


Rachel’s interest in wellness really sprang from her time travelling after graduating from university (the first time around!) and the appreciation for the natural world, as well as human nature, that it inspired. But her struggle with IBS as a young girl, which in hindsight stemmed from underlying feelings of stress and anxiety, was also a major catalyst. Rachel’s first yoga teacher training initiated a process of real inner transformation that, quite honestly, shook her very foundations. It set her on the path that she now travels, practicing and encouraging wellness through mindful movement, self-awareness, stress management and plant-based living.


Over the last few years, Michelle and Rachel have collaborated by hosting a number of wellness retreats both in the UK and abroad. From this collaboration grew a shared passion and interest in ways to live that were dedicated to wellness on every level. The Wellness Philosophy was born out of this passion, and offers a platform for sharing, supporting, connecting and inspiring others on their wellness journey.