Crystal Spotlight On.....Amethyst

Crystal Spotlight On.....Amethyst

Jun 01 , 2021

The Wellness Philosophy

Crystals have been used and worked with around the world for thousands of years. Made from minerals formed in the earth’s surface, they are seen as a very natural way to bring healing to your life and to others, and are also used for meditation, protection and creative inspiration. There are many explanations out there, some believe that crystals work through our chakras and aura and have an influence on healing our physical body, mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

Crystal Spotlight on… Amethyst

Chakra: Crown 

Healing Focus: Protection and power. Bringing balance physically, emotionally and mentally while also strengthening the energies of other crystals that you are using.  Amethyst is highly effective to use during meditation, or when sending healing intention to others, as it opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities.

Have amethyst for overall protection and bringing balance to your mood.  It’s also good if you struggle with decision making, negotiating or speaking in public. Amethyst is good to use when you are making important changes in your life and trying to move forward,  but may feel like you need a little help to continue on your new path. Brings calm and boosts your self-esteem when you are feeling over sensitive or full of nervous and emotional energy.

Physical Focus: Bones, teeth, skin, heart, stomach, liver and endocrine system.

Use Amethyst to improve the immune system, circulatory system and hormone regulation. Useful to have around if you suffer from headaches, migraines or disrupted sleep due to insomnia. Good for those struggling with addiction, particularly alcoholism as it promotes detoxification. Amethyst is also beneficial for good skin health.


Crystal Focus

When you feel ready to start building, or adding to, your crystal collection it’s always good to head to a shop or stall so that you can choose your crystals by hand if possible. You may find that you are drawn to one in particular because of it’s shape, colour or the energy around it. In many places that sell crystals you are encouraged to pick them up to ‘feel’ your way to making the right purchase (this may have changed due to Covid, so do check wherever you go) Some people experience warmth or heat when touching or holding a new crystal and this is a powerful sign that it is the right choice for you. Others feel a tingling energy or are incredibly drawn to a particular crystal, even if they can’t put their finger on why! Take your time, listen to your intuition and your body’s messages, and you will come home with a crystal that you will use for life. If you can’t get to a shop, the great thing about online stores is that you can read a wealth of information about each crystal before you buy and can choose one that is perfect for your healing needs.

Palm stones are designed to fit in the palm of your hand and have a lovely shape and smooth texture so that you can comfortably carry them around with you. Smaller versions are called thumb stones and are the perfect size to hold and gently rub with your thumb. Sometimes called worry stones, these little crystals can be carried around with you all day in your pocket (or slipped into your bra!) and can sit under your pillow at night, to ease anxiety, aid relaxation and promote healing.  

We will be bringing you a spotlight on different crystals each month but if you are interested in choosing some now for particular ailments, or to enhance your wellbeing, there are lots of great books out there and tons of information online to point you in the right direction.  Or head to your nearest crystal shop for a chat.