Crystal Spotlight on...Citrine

Crystal Spotlight on...Citrine

Jul 15 , 2021

The Wellness Philosophy

Crystals have been used and worked with around the world for thousands of years. Made from minerals formed in the earth’s surface, they are seen as a very natural way to bring healing to your life and to others, and are also used for meditation, protection and creative inspiration. There are many explanations out there, some believe that crystals work through our chakras and aura and have an influence on healing our physical body, mental health and emotional wellbeing.


Crystal Spotlight on…Citrine

Chakra: Solar Plexus


Healing Focus: Citrine is a real ‘feel good’ crystal that brings joy and positive energy, so it’s really good to have around if you want to boost your self-esteem and raise your confidence. Like a dose of sunshine, use the bright and happy Citrine as an energetic pick me up and to promote a positive attitude. It is also self-cleansing.

Have Citrine around if you struggle to concentrate, make decisions or need to problem solve. Also if you want to get rid of negative emotional toxins, improve relationships and bring balance to your life. It can help to inspire creativity, writing and learning and is great for new beginnings!

Known as The Merchant’s Stone, Citrine is associated with bringing abundance, wealth and prosperity. It is also thought to help you to sell your home so, if you aren’t getting any buyers, try displaying a large citrine crystal in the hall or smaller crystals in each room.


Physical Focus: Digestive system, heart, kidneys, liver, thyroid and thymus, eyesight.

Use Citrine to relieve digestive problems and disorders and to help with jaundice, nausea and vomiting, It is also good for detoxing.

If you suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or other disorders that bring very low energy, have Citrine around.

Aids blood circulation, tissue regeneration and eyesight.


Crystal Focus

Where to put crystals around your home?

Displaying crystals around the home is great way to bring in colour and to add a nice vibe to a space, while also improving the mood and energy in a room. To maximise on the energy of the crystals you can keep them in particular places to support you while at home. Here are a few suggestions

Citrine- for abundance, wealth and prosperity place in the southeast corner of your home or office.

Black Tourmaline – keep by the front door to protect against negative energies entering in. Also gives protection from exposure to electromagnetic fields so can be placed near to computers, televisions or phones.

Selenite- place on a windowsill and the sun will reflect positive energy back into the home. Brings peace and calm.

Rose Quartz- if you are looking for love, or want to promote self-love, keep by your bed or in the furthest right hand corner of your house.

Amethyst - keep in a room where you wish to create a balanced environment. It can fade in direct sunlight so keep out of the sun if possible.

Carnelian- position near to the front door for protection and to invite abundance in.

Lepidolite - place under your pillow for an undisturbed sleep and to ease emotional stress.

Celestite - keep in the bedroom to create a tranquil environment, brings calm to the mind and eases worries. Good to have in a child’s bedroom to promote relaxation.

If you are green-fingered (or need a little help in that department!) there are a few crystals that are good for plant growth and happy gardens. Bury them into the soil of pot plants or place amongst the garden beds.

Green moss agate, Tree agate, Green Calcite, Moonstone, Tourmaline, Amethyst and Sodalite.