Sep 27 , 2021

The Wellness Philosophy

Chakra: Throat

Crystals have been used and worked with around the world for thousands of years. Made from minerals formed in the earth’s surface, they are seen as a very natural way to bring healing to your life and to others, and are also used for meditation, protection and creative inspiration. There are many explanations out there, some believe that crystals work through our chakras and aura and have an influence on healing our physical body, mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Healing Focus: Cleanses and opens the throat chakra while also assisting alignment of the other chakras. Formed in striated crystal blades, Kyanite cuts through any fears you may have around communication and helps you to speak your truth from an honest place. If you feel that you’re voice isn’t being heard or you struggle to express yourself, have Kyanite around. If you are going into a situation where conversation may be difficult or challenging take some with you for support.

If you are a singer or public speaker and want to bring more power and confidence to your voice this is a great crystal for you!

Kyanite is energy-filtering, keeping negative energies flowing out of you, while drawing positive energies back into your body. This filtering property means that it’s good to have around to clear the air after an emotionally heavy conversation or an argument.

If you want to promote perseverance and mental stamina slip some Kyanite into your pocket and keep it on you throughout the day. If you have been having vivid dreams that you need help understanding or interpreting, place under your pillow at night as it enhances dream recall.

Focus your mind on Kyanite if you struggle to get started with meditation or if you want to tune into and stimulate your spiritual energy and intuition.


Physical Focus: Throat, thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands. Muscles. Brain.

Use Kyanite if you have any disorders of the throat or voice and to rebalance thyroid, parathyroid glands and adrenal glands. It can also have a positive effect on muscles and motor skills.

As Kyanite is a calming crystal it can help to clear the mind and bring clarity. Good for when you have brain fog or are struggling to focus on the task at hand.


Crystal Focus

Keeping Crystals On You

We talk about having a particular crystal around or keeping it on you so that it's healing properties are with you all day or throughout the night. This is because when we wear crystals they can positively interact with our bodies energy field and our chakras. You may want to feel more balanced, bring about inner calm or feel supported through a difficult situation. There are a wealth of crystals out there that can promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing on many levels. 

I'm a fan of putting a smooth polished crystal into my bra (the rough ones can hurt a bit!) so that it's in direct contact with my skin. If you don't wear a bra then putting one in your pocket is as effective. Whenever I go to the dentist now I always have a small piece of Flourite with me to help me to remain calm no matter how complex the treatment is. As a long term teeth grinder I've had my fair share of dental problems and Flourite acts as a real rescue remedy for me.

Another great way to keep crystals with you so that you can benefit from their energy is to wear them as jewellery. These precious stones and gems come in such a wonderful rainbow of colours that wearing them is a real treat even before the healing properties can start to work. There are so many beautiful pieces out there and many stones and crystals won't break the bank so you can find quite affordable jewellery for every day use. Try wearing golden Amber to bring calm and balance to your day or deep blue Lapis Lazuli to lift your mood and boost your immune system. Clear quartz is more subtle to wear and, as it's considered to be the 'Master Healer', it is great for all round healing and cleansing. Quartz is also used in some watches as it vibrates at a very precise frequency. This regulates the mechanics and helps to keep very accurate time.