Crystal Spotlight on... Rose Quartz

Crystal Spotlight on... Rose Quartz

May 12 , 2021

The Wellness Philosophy

Crystals have been used and worked with around the world for thousands of years. Made from minerals formed in the earth’s surface, they are seen as a very natural way to bring healing to your life and to others, and are also used for meditation, protection and creative inspiration. There are many explanations out there, some believe that crystals work through our chakras and aura and have an influence on healing our physical body, mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

Crystal Spotlight on... Rose Quartz

Chakra: Heart

Healing Focus: Inspiring calm, creativity and imagination.

Have rose quartz around when you want to bring love, romance and relationships into your life. If you are already in a relationship, then use when forgiveness or more positive energy is needed! Rose quartz can also help when feeling emotionally wounded, jealous, angry, resentful or inadequate. It purifies and opens the heart so is the perfect choice when you need to bring about self-love, compassion and deep inner healing.

Helps with phobias, emotions and childhood experiences

Physical Focus: Adrenal glands, heart, blood, circulation, kidneys and spleen.

Use Rose quartz for general aches and pains and to aid with detoxification. It also helps with asthma, coughs, varicose veins, vertigo and burns. Good for fertility and the menstrual cycle. Promotes youthful appearance, good complexion, wrinkles

Lay down and breathe slowly and deeply while resting Rose Quartz over your heart chakra to invite peace and calm to your day and love and compassion for yourself.

Make an elixir by placing a smooth, tumbled Rose Quartz into a glass bowl with distilled water for 12 hours and leaving in sunlight if possible. If your Rose Quartz is friable (raw and crumbly) place it in a glass jar and then put into the bowl of water. Decant the water into a mist spray and spritz your face to refresh and hydrate.

Keep rose Quartz in your bedroom for positive love vibes!!!

Crystal Focus

What’s your crystal collection like? Have you been picking some up here and there over the years and are getting quite a colourful display? Or do you find that you have a few crystals lying around the house, perhaps high up on a shelf gathering dust or tucked away in a trinket box you haven’t opened for ages. Did you have one bought you as a present, or picked one up in a shop because it jumped out at you, but haven’t really used it and don’t really know where to start?

Let’s start with cleansing and energising the crystals you’ve already got and then move on to choosing more! Building a colourful collection of crystals to have in your home, wear as jewellery, or to carry around with you to use for healing or bringing comfort in time of need is a lovely thing. You just need to keep them cleansed and energised so that they can work to their best potential!

First hold your crystal under running water, this will clean it of dust and dirt and more importantly clear it of any negative energy that may be attached to it. Move it around under the tap for 20 seconds or so, rubbing it as you go. Notice when you start to feel that it’s been under there for long enough. Your intuition will link you with your crystal and you will start to sense when it’s ready, just as you will be drawn to certain crystals when you are choosing them. Once it’s been under the water for long enough shake it out and leave it on a windowsill to dry- preferably a sunny one! 

Using salt is another way to purify your crystal as it is naturally cleansing and draws out toxins. Try submerging your crystal in a bowl of salt water, either fresh from the sea, or by adding about a tablespoon of salt with water to create the mix. Leave it for anything from a few hours up to a few days and then rinse and pat dry.  You can also fill a bowl with any dry salt then bury your crystal into it for a few hours, rinsing off under running water afterwards. Some crystals shouldn’t be soaked in water or buried in salt so do check it out before you give it a go.

Co-founder Michelle’s top tip for energising and optimising your crystals after cleansing, is to put them out on the night of the full moon for a complete recharge.