Cultivating Abundance in Peak Summer with TCM + Seasonal Yoga

Cultivating Abundance in Peak Summer with TCM + Seasonal Yoga

Jul 04 , 2021

The Wellness Philosophy

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” Wayne Dyer

As I write this blog post and glance out to the garden, the word abundance buzzes around my head.  If there was a word to epitomise Summer, abundance would be it. The sea of green before me, the wild flowers swaying in the gentle breeze and the sun spiralling its longest dance on the solstice, make for a dreamy vision of the season ahead. 

This cycle in nature is a time of maximum potential,  both in nature and within ourselves.  We are at the highest yang of the year, and energy is peaking, the nourishing life force of the sun fuels our vitality in the months of Summer. From a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Seasonal Yoga perspective, the element is Fire, the organs are the Heart and Small Intestine and the colour is red.

Ruled by the Fire element, this season is expansive, light and filled with warmth. It has the power to excite us, illuminate our world and boost our vitality.  Fire, or agni in Sanskrit, at its best inspires transformation, the ability to change form, to blaze through obstacles, reveal new energy and our authentic nature. On the flip side, it can burn out or become all-consuming, therefore we must be willing to balance this outward energy to stay healthy and productive through Summer. 

The Heart, is also known as the ‘Emperor’ in TCM, regulating the mind and responsible for the flow of blood, it has a super important job as it also homes the Shen.  The Shen, translates as the ‘spirit’ and when we are connected deeply to our Shen we feel content, we are able to cultivate healthy relationships and we can experience deep joy. By keeping the heart happy we are gifted with the ability to give and receive warmth, and keep our emotions in check.  Maintain a healthy heart by moving often and eating a heart-rich diet of dark fruits and beans in Summer. The Heart’s primary role in a physical sense is to circulate blood and nourish the body. The steady drumming of our heartbeat makes sure that every cell in the body has a supply of food and oxygen.  Which returns our thoughts back to this internal abundance, this incredible body we have, this vessel which works so cleverly to ensure that we can experience life at its fullest.

The secondary organ of the season is the Small Intestine, a site of transformation in the body which receives and absorbs all the nutrients from the food we digest. Consequently giving us the energy we need to sustain life. In TCM, this is seen as the organ which separates pure from impure and governs good judgement and mental clarity.  A sound board if you like, to see right from wrong and make clear decisions. Often when we are faced with tricky decisions in life, we are asked to follow our gut.  This is exactly where you feel the upward excitement or the downward dread in decision making.  Feeding directly into this idea that we have all we need within, without the facts, without asking google, without the opinions of others. Trust that your gut will tell you exactly the right path to take.

Together, the Heart and the Small Intestine are an interesting pair to focus our yoga practice on.  The meridian line for the Small Intestine begins at the outer tip of the pinky finger and runs up the arm, over the scapula of the shoulder, up the neck and ends in front of the ear.  Whilst the Heart meridian, begins at the Heart and runs to the underarms, down each arm to the inside of pinky finger. To stimulate these meridians and maximise the energy of Summer and the flow of energy, yoga poses that work into the shoulders, chest and open the arms become our focal point.  Summer is the time to drop into our fullest potential, on the mat that can take the form of expansive postures like Bow Pose, Full Wheel and Camel, or even adding some powerful arm balancing postures to your practice. Whatever you do, approach it with a fun, curious attitude!

This Season, embrace the qualities of Summer by staying healthy, moving lots and enjoying the healing energy of the Sun.  It’s the most outward season of the year and one to live life to the fullest and immerse ourselves in nature.  Wake early, smile often, meditate outside and carve out time in your day to balance your energy with time spent alone to tune inwards and listen.  Our intuition is a powerful tool that we can learn to cultivate when we start paying attention.  Nourish your body by eating in-season foods, fill your plate with salads, juicy berries and fruit. Eat lighter meals that are cooling in nature and will fuel your body, and of course stay hydrated by upping your water intake. 

Now is the time to notice the abundance within ourselves and in the world around us.  We have everything we need, right here, if we take the time to stop and notice.  Harness the powerful energy of Summer by embracing joy and inviting in more light to your inner world. Join me, for an uplifting and energising yoga practice to connect to the feelings of Summer here.



Varrie's Bio

Varrie is a 200hr Yoga Teacher who loves nothing more than sharing her passion for this practice. Varrie brings a spirit of playfulness to her teachings, combining creative sequencing, compassion-centred philosophy and a gentle nature to encourage students to find feel-good movement in their practice. Her classes are a blend of thought-provoking meditations, breath-led movement and guided relaxations, combining elements of Vinyasa Flow and Seasonal Yoga. 


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