Reiki & Restore

Reiki & Restore

Apr 07 , 2022

The Wellness Philosophy

A Series of Workshops Combining the Healing Practices of Restorative Yoga & Reiki 

Reiki & Restore is a unique workshop offering that combines the practice of Restorative Yoga, which is a style of yoga that supports the body using props and encourages deep relaxation, with the energetic healing therapy known as Reiki.

In these workshops, Rachel will be leading you through the Restorative Yoga, which is a style of practice that uses props to support the body in various (mostly supine) postures, and these postures are held for longer periods of time than you would find in other styles of yoga, anywhere between 5-20 minute for each pose. The supported nature of the practice is it's distinguishing factor, and this support invites a calming of the nervous system and a fullness and ease of breath.

The power of restorative yoga is multifaceted. The use of props to support the body in various passive positions allows for the deep release of tension held in the body which promotes a sense of relaxation. The enquiry into the natural pulsation of the breath, and the conscious undoing of tension that withholds the natural fullness of the breath facilitates deep relaxation. These in turn impact the nervous system, which down regulates into the ‘rest and digest’ or relaxation response, initiating a number of healing processes in the body. This down regulation of the nervous system also impacts our perception, how we see the world, inviting us to see with more clarity, calm and presence. 

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During the Restorative practice, Michelle will be giving Reiki healing to each participant individually, as well as offering group healing during Savasana.

Reiki translates from the Japanese as Universal Life-force energy (“Rei” Universal “Ki” Life-force energy) and is a form of energy healing whereby the practitioner uses the palms of their hands to transfer universal life-force energy to the recipient. Generally the hands are hovering over the body and, although there is very little direct touch, an intense heat can be felt as the healing takes place.

All of this is then accompanied by herbal tea, plant-based treats and Neals Yard essential oils.

 Energy Balls

Upcoming Reiki & Restore Workshop Dates...

Saturday 17th June 2023 at Yoga on the Green, Woodford SOLD OUT

Saturday 16th September 2023 at Yoga on the Green, Woodford (find tickets here)

Saturday 18th November 2023 at Yoga on the Green, Woodford (tickets released soon)