Anti-Bloat Green Juice

Anti-Bloat Green Juice

Jul 20 , 2021


The Wellness Philosophy

Cucumber and mint are such a classic combo, and they are key to this crowd-pleasing green juice recipe. Green, without tasting offensively green, this juice is light, refreshing, and has the added benefit of helping with digestive discomfort through the addition of fresh mint leaves. And if, like us, you have an over-abundance of mint taking over your herb patch then it is the perfect way to use it up!


Equipment: Juicer (ideally) OR High-Speed Blender + Siv  |  Serves 2



2 Apples (organic, whole)

1/2 Cucumber (organic, washed)

1 Bag Spinach (organic)

1 Handful Fresh Mint (stalks and all)

1 Lemon (peeled)



1. If using a juicer, simply put all of the ingredients into the juicer and collect the juice in a jug. Skim off the foam before serving. 

2. If using a blender, add all of the ingredients along with a cup full of cold water. Once blended completely, pour the juice through a siv to catch any pulp, which you can then discard. 




Please let us know how you got on with this recipe in the comments below, we'd love to hear from you!

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